GSTN has brought to our notice that certain misleading advertisements are being published by entities to lure businesses to sign up for GST compliance fulfilment.
ASPs/Tax consultants and their partners should refrain from publishing and conducting campaigns that use untruths which do not have any factual evidence.
ASPs, tax consultants and their partners who intend signing up for CDSL ASP services and or GSP services may kindly note that any attempt to malign CDSL/GSTN brand or mislead customers by making false statements about CDSL/GSTN would be viewed seriously.
CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) has been selected as a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).
As a GSP, CVL has partnered with GSTN to fulfil a very important and strategic role in the implementation of GST Tax Reforms. CVL would play a pivotal role in servicing a wide spectrum of tax payers by providing value added services thereby catering to sector specific/industry specific needs and making tax filing easy and convenient.
The GSP application would connect to the GST system via secure GST system APIs. The production API endpoints are consumed via MPLS lines. CVL GSP would be authenticated with unique license keys and would in turn provide controlled access to APIs to its partners through sub license keys.
CVL’s tax filing solution ‘MySARAL GST’ provides a simple convenient and cost effective facility to tax payers and tax consultants for filing GST Returns.
CVL would like to partner with Application Service Providers(ASPs) who have their own tax filing solutions and have a dominant local presence. Further, CVL would also offer its tax filing solution and manage the infrastructure for those entities who have a huge tax payer reach and service touch points and willing to add to service basket by partnering with us as ASPs
A dedicated team at CVL would be available to provide the necessary support to clients for onboarding and other queries.